Reference Data Digest
Reference Data Digest is a monthly newsletter that provides details of changes to commonly managed reference data tables, together with features and commentary about reference data. We track changes to these tables and send them every month to you in an email. This keeps you informed of the changes, and means you do not have to expend a lot of effort tracking each authoritative source.

Sample issue:

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Premium Services
Reference Data Digest offers a number of subscription-based premium services, including:
  • Instant Notification of reference data changes
  • Surveillance Requests for additional tables
  • Access to Archive of Reference Data Digest Issues
  • CodeBOK (Codes Body of Knowledge). Provides information on how to understand and use commmon reference data tables
  • Reference Data Discovery. We can find code tables for your needs
  • Specialized Reference Data Needs. Reference Data Digest has deep experience in Reference Data Management and can assist with a wide range of individual needs
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